Scallop Surprise

I am not a chef, cook or restaurant owner... just a humble professional food photographer, practicing my craft for some of the finest restaurants and food whoelsalers in the industry.

When the shoot day is over, we encourage our clients to take all the unused food home, but sometimes ( luckily for me ) they do not. So I was pleasantly surprised to find these huge U15 dry scallops in my fridge!

What are dry scallops? The difference between dry and wet scallops is that dry scallops, ( also called diver or day boat scallops ) are harvested right from the sea. Wet scallops make their way through the supply chain frozen.

Fresh Dry U15 Scallops

Fresh Dry U15 Scallops

Had this been a commercial shot, our food stylist would be carefully cooking these beautiful scallops to photographic perfection and adding some sort of attractive garnish or side dish. However, this blog is all about what happens After the Gig!  I simply seasoned these babies with a little olive oil, salt and pepper, folowed by a quick sear on the stovetop and a few minutes to finish in the oven.

Thanks for reading!